As the Mandarin Sun Sets

by G~Mile

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This project is the last of the “Shanghai/Clementine Tapes” where, over the last two years, I’ve tried to articulate my life as a Black Man who has been set adrift (on memory bliss). At various stages within the here-&-now, I have attempted to capture the Black Aesthetic that will always be a part of me. Regardless of wherever I fly, the negative and positive interactions that come with such an aesthetic will forever linger.

I hope that the love and the hurt captured on this project resonates. I hope that it is clear that I’m analyzing my “image in the privilege” and how it contributes to the Zone of Silence. Even though the silence from those who claimed to “care” never skips a repeat, let it be known that this was “For All Your Forevers” and more. Let it be known that “When January Blooms” there will be renewed hope. And, “As the Mandarin Sun Sets” and all the prayers and the wishes on every 11.11 are found to be just the dreams of the foolish like me, let it be known that this was for U all along.

Let this serve as something the Majority U reside with can never truly do for U. Because, in the end, all is well...

Special thanks to the ones who helped to tailor this trilogy in partnership with me: E. Hobbs, J. Stanford-Carey, Dunbar, T. King II, FRO (and her family), R. Contreras, Luna, A.M. Greene, J. “Creole” Jarreau, A. Pettway, Literary Shanghai, Shanghai Literary Review, Unravel Shanghai, TEDx SAS-Puxi, the “hataz,” the Dragon Burners aka The Lovely Humans of Shanghai, Sarah at the Monk, and all of my family as well as friends who stayed in touch as I swam through such unknown storms (the loved ones in California, Louisiana, and Shanghai).

And of course, most importantly, thanks and love to U, Clementine/Chicago. Unless God and the Ancestors decide to let us find each other once more…I bid U “adieu.”



released August 17, 2019

All lyrics written, performed, and recorded by G~Mile (Jeremy D. Greene a/k/a 文轩)

Instrumentation, mixing, sequencing, and spiritual advising by E. Hobbs

Recorded March 2019 & June 2019 at Many Miles From Where U R Sleepin' Dwellings (Shanghai, China)

Artwork by J. Stanford-Carey a/k/a 10Do and E. Hobbs

Inspired by life in the present but most importantly inspired by “U” who’s no longer in my moment...

From Shanghai-to-the-Chi




G~Mile Sacramento, California

Trumpet "Playa".
Comedian. Entertainer.
Motivational Speaker.
Story teller.
Story gatherer. Deliverer of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Hymns.

My words.
My thoughts.

For those who show love.

& for those who think they are "leaders" when they are really oppressors.

This is my soul on digital display.

All is Well.

Like Grandmama used to say.
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Track Name: Snakes
These friends
are not really
your friends, see
These friends aren’t
really ten toes
down deep

These friends
say I’m better off
without you
These friends
are really the type
to doubt you

1-I was made to be patient
2-No child’s made to be hated
3-It’s the fault of broken adults
who raise broken children who
become broken adults, of course

Of course, it’s a cycle
I’ve seen it
professional and personally
damn, I even dream it

Damn, I guess that means
I’m always on the job
The elders would tell me
to “let go and let God”

You can understand
everything that they say, in fact
the elders not the type
to go around behind your back
and spread rumors
and lies on you
‘cause they life boring
in their gingerbread house, true

These Hansel Gretel rebels
aren’t invited to the Bar-B-Cues
my uncles cooking up
up in Baton Rouge

Familia treating ya’
with plenty of respect
than that tribe that we
ride with, hear me yet

Not to flex, but I bet
that they really it’s true
These Lex Luthors are nothing
more than “Powder’ed” glue

Rotten Tomatoes
in everything that
they really do
Critically panned from
the script to the crew

What I wish upon you
is to hear what I hear
and realize I’m not the
type that you should fear

But, hey, we all
got free will
Made in America
but we ain’t real

These Friends are just Snakes…
Track Name: More Bad News
Listen, this is,
Game 6, Pippin
D’Angelo, spittin’
Brown Sugar soul, drippin’

The veil’s my soul, hidden
Dr. Du Bois, written
Believe in life
the wisdom that the
ancestors givin’

What is your soul wishin’
in your mind’s prison
Revitalized mission
with my eyes steady dippin’

The demons chase me
The heathens hate me
Demigods ain’t me
they devour the saintly

She be my banshee
electric boogie who will move me
more than a Black Widow
who would love to just consume me

I’m duly noted
I truly wrote it
all these sanctified rhymes
that I’ve truly quoted
you know it

I know you know it
you are my focus
You’re a hypocrite
who’s always preaching the bogus

I know you know it
you just rule by fear
Many of peers have come
to me with their Amnesia Tears

Because you ain’t collaborative
your management style
negative with adjectives
so, I’m asking this

Why you causing
so much conflict
But, as I sleep, my dreams
develop into mosh pits…

You came with the moves
that were no-go
I came with the blues
and the solo

You stayed with the fools
who were slow-mo’
I stay with the game
and the logo

You lames ain’t really
that pro, though
Cheap shots who love
to do BOGO

This be that photogenic
Anything you want
will always take some time, though

In time, though,
I hope you’ll be like
Rajon Rondo
Handing out assists towards
many goals and titles

So, hurry up, pronto
It’s time to change your ways
cause karma has a nasty habit
of overstaying its welcome

The tribe you ride with
they dislike this
guy you ride with
so why don’t we try this again, friend…

The tribe she ride with
they dislike this
guy she ride with
so, we rathers well try this again

These are your friends
like bullies in Shanghai
The type to leave you
high and dry with the
tears in your eyes

Collaborative my a$$
all about mandates fast
I hardly curse on record
but when it comes to you

I never “shuck and jive”
for imposters
All about the “gotcha”
the opposite of a doctor

Conceited, I see it
一直走 (yí zhí zǒu,), Ichigo
Did you know that
I came with a different
type of flow

Cause, though I am brave
vagueness is safety
Cause, people like you
would be reasons just
to hate me

Is it my race
Is it my age
Then again, I hear you
treat women the same way

The same way your forefathers
probably treated my ancestors
in the hate that you fester

But, they allow it
Your superiors
could vote you
out of power if they
understand the integers

That’s whole equation
I’m not playing
You tried to scar me
like Obito when I’m
really Super Saiyan

Most bullies in Shanghai
got trauma enormous
that’s why they feel as
if it’s so important

To extinguish my flame
you better come the same way
I’m like her who runs away
runs away…

I disappear in the smoke…
Track Name: Millennium Park
Cali’ raised but Louisiana
in my blood veins
Every day, I’m reminiscing
on the love gained

Some pain, some loss
some rain, some frost
Many Miles From Where U R Sleepin’
I came across

Our lost picture from
our last evening
Though maybe dreaming
this image of us adorns
my glass ceiling

In my chateau where
I sip 红酒 (hóng jiǔ)
Reminiscing on the past
and where the lovers go

You see, I’ve tried moving on
but was proven wrong in the process
Logic would state “wait”
but this song was the constant

Message vibrating in
my heart of hearts
I thought those that told
stories were a part of art

But, sometimes, stories
are built on lies
I tilt the line to find
the real divine

But, still
I’m reminded of
what could’ve been
Still, I’m reminded of
what could’ve been

In Millennium Park…

I still feel U in Millennium Park
I still see U in Millennium Park
But still, I still feel U in Millennium Park
I still see U in Millennium Park
But still, I still see U in Millennium Park
I still feel U in Millennium Park

But, still, I wish to be a Millennium Item in Millennium Park

I had a coworker who said she
couldn’t date another coworker
while talking about Netflix
chilling, watching a show murder
our serenity, energy felt
a little erratic
neurotic, toxic masculinity I tried to
whittle and damage

Down to the science
down to a tee
Under the weather constant
Shanghai, remember me

Confidently, I told she
how the hataz stall
polluting our worldview
like the last straw

Never speak of the devil
so Prada in the details
If this is it
my mantra is to be well

And the elephant in the room
is the bracelet that I gave 2 U
How could love disappear
when we made music

Trying to stay fluent
in the land of the Mandarin
Handling all the stress
understand that I’m battling
with ghosts

Folks know that
I’ll invest in faith
Time’s running away
like an expensive date

So, who do U believe in…?
I believe in U…
She asked, “Who do U believe in…?”
I said, “I believe in U…”

She laughed and smiled only to tell me she knew this was me all along…Meant to stay “Ghost”…Meant to stay alone…
Track Name: Telephone Game
Tell me how to dial homes
Tell me how the dial tones
Are usually loosely based on
the silence of being alone

Oh, G~Mile’s home
but really who calls
anyone anymore
in a society that will
often ignore you

Unless it’s the IRS or CPS
both specializing in
them broken homes
CBS makes my third eye blind
listening to the most blatant
lies of our time

But, back when I was kid though
GrandMomma would let me
watch her soaps
Young & the Restless flow
Neil Winters in a tuxedo

GrandMomma would say,
“If she ain’t call you back she ain’t the one”
But also said,
“Pray on things for thy will to be done”

Will to be done…son,
I’m stuck on the drums
stuck on the beat
wondering why you
don’t text to see
how I be and how I need
to be closer to the family

I’m just a telephone call away
regardless of where I stay
A 4 Page Letter
bottled up emotions
I will release today

I release this
what a relief it’s
as if I’ve been texting you
another thesis

Heh, a million pieces of poetry
‘Cause I “Love U 4 Life” like Jodeci
I’m trying to reach that quota, see
just an example of diplomacy

Is that lame
or am I sane
to try to stay in touch
with you, my dame

With Ghostin’
you’re an authority
I’ve never been a part
of the silent majority

I call it like I see it
tell it with the deepness
Electric Intercourse in
the belly of a Prius
Metaphors, I keep it
Silly in my leaflets
time creeps in its sneakers

Speak it in existence
Some still attack
Friends fall silent
on the knives in your back

I’m not intact
as our signals are crossed
No longer in service
Disconnected in my thoughts

So protective
Message intercepted
Used as evidence
Wire taps collected

the hidden fees
The long-distance
connections never breed

These are the trying times
These are the lying times
These are the dreams I spell
over screen time after time

Imagined wide…
Track Name: Immortal Beloved
I wish I could share
this poem with you, though
It comes unequipped
with a manual, so

I’m here to tell you
‘bout my dreams
98th percentile
above the mean

So, you see,
I used to dream
about Segovia
and all her Sister Cities
I BASC’d with the overtures

my specialized academics
had me bite my tongue
so much I needed a dentist

I’m not a speech pathologist
I acknowledge this
confirmation bias
as a school psychologist

Back when me and J.P. Das
shook hands in Edmonton
Before Clementine’s nonverbals
were deafening

My emotions
weren’t disturbed
She WISC’d my cognitive
and said I couldn’t learn

And now I’ve heard that
my vision is impaired
Third eye blind, the dopamines
that we shared, so rare

Auditory hallucinations
were here and there
in the halls of my apartment
left bare…I didn’t care…

‘Cause my time
here was BRIEF
‘Cause executive function
off your grief

Their only consistency
is negativity
The infrequency of
their validity

Attacks my working memory
full of complexity
Leaving me feeling
high and dry with discrepancies

And now you mention me…

Another test kit
I resented
Because KTEA and her brother, WIAT,
believed in eugenics

Who invented these
tools of segregation
that people like me have to
use for elevation, yes

Because more information
adds to stories
C-TONI, my association’s
golden, homie

Ima make money by bundles
that’s my KeyMath
Individualized goals so
you will see that

Do you see that
I’m no dummy
The smell of the bakery
reminds me that I’m hungry

Least restrictive, to be specific
I’d wash your dishes
and blow your kisses
if that meant our fine motor
could get inscriptive

like your phonemes
I broke down your language
so you would know me

You’re My Starship
Norman Connors, ADHD
Hard to inhibit all
of my day dreams…after all…

After all, my dahlin’…I’m just trying to test your limits…

You lay in a bed
with a woman
who has interest
in you.
You used to allude
to your x-lover
that before you two
were kerosene
the woman mitigated
over your pleasures.

Such incendiary an act
to share with your x-lover
a video,
via socially mediated conditions,
of you and the woman
huddled up
watching a TV show
that your x-lover
once introduced you to
while drawn together
within colder interior designs.

And, oddly enough,
it’s all fine
for, in your mind,
it’s all justified.
The hypocrisy
of jealousy
is For the Tears in your Eyes.

For life has and
always will be
about escaping
the lonely daze
and finding the strength
to push lovers away.

It’s as if this was a common narrative, all along

When in fact this is
indeed, quite an unusual tale

Wouldn't you say?
Would’ you say?
Track Name: The Zen of Justice
The Zen of Justice
What is this rubbish
I thought you’d love it
Diamond encrusted hors d'oeuvres
they selling to curmudgeons

Why you bugging
I’m something you feel
something revealed
In the still frames
the watermark is now chilled

Peeping the story, though,
I gave you my Private Favors
Not shocking administrators
see administrators as saviors

An Outsider like Razor
I’m often critical
of those who would judge me
I seek the middle road

Indigo feelings, though,
our elephant’s extinct
The Poison Ivy from one
Pamela Isley got me feeling weak

In an organization
where innovation is
over saturation
You’re hardly
worth accreditation
due to your deviation

I’m elevating
while staying grounded
with the humble brag
no faking

I know you ain’t at home waiting…
Yes, I know you ain’t home waiting…

I’m just saying…

The Zen of Justice
I know you don’t trust it
Where is the loving
“No justice, no peace…”
in the character’s discussion

Destruction of we was like the
Village Hidden in the Leaves
2017, the summer came
and it was grief

So, how we going to be
I know I couldn’t have seen
every possibility where
we live our dreams

I know it seems
impulsive, ADHD
was often how I described
my poetry in the scene

You know me
You know I
You know “us”
You don’t trust
All the ways
that I say
that I prayed
all these months

And although we are finished
my soul has now given
this image of the past
poetry at its limit

I give it again ‘cause
I’m running out of seconds
Evil oppressive methods
from Alberta to Texas

Could claim me any day
It’s like a home full of grief
like the comb with the teeth
you left behind smiling at me

I’m wylin’, G…
Track Name: Many Miles From Where U R Smoking
I’m just a Cali’ kid,
a valley kid
Louisiana fig pudding
what you doing here
I find it hard to live

Within my means
because my dreams
are always shell shocked
The Zen of Justice
friends accustomed
to watching bellhops

Send they luggage
up the ramp
The baggage that they claim
would leave disdain
across the map

I often act as if
my baggage is exclusive $h*t
The cluelessness
and foolishness while
pursuing this

Dream Material
but at what cost
I lost many of loved ones
Many of loved ones
Yeah, she was a loved one

And now we don’t talk
and I suffer in silence
‘cause my pain is not
the same as many a clients

I know she don’t buy it
but I try it in this space
in this place
Under duress who could’ve
guess I build my name
amongst the best

In Shanghai
Reminiscing on her
from the Chi’
So, as I drift away
I hope I’m summarized

As one of the good ones
even if some don’t
like me like that
so, I’m proud to be Black

So, I’m proud to be Black
with my flava intact
I’m Black but too proud
Mental Health is detached

As the sadness
tries to creep in
I gotta be strong but
in this song I feel it
creeping in

I used to be more joyful than this…
I used to be more joyful than this…

I’m still
hopeful and wish
for the soulful with bliss
I’m so vocal with wit
that I seem noble equipped

To handle it
light one up for the
graduates presenting
at conferences
who used to listen to
the jazz hits

While studying at colleges
什么时候 (shénme shíhòu) though
As you ask me when did I
start to lose the joy again, so

It started with a friend
then it started after ten
under the bright lights
where the parking lots
and pocket books
are left in the wind

What I would’ve given to be
your Private Favor, once more
but the choices we make
sometimes closes the doors
to open metaphors
on different shores
to open metaphors
on different shores

But, to see ya
once more would be bliss
and make the
last 2 years’ worth it

So, now I reminisce…
So, now I reminisce…

In the darkness…
Track Name: ài (Love 爱)
My taste buds’ Cantonese
mixed with Japanese
My family is the reason
that I gotta leave

But let’s not act like
people like you are actually
all about your colleagues
living happily

How many of them
came with tears
on their shirt
to tell me all
about their hurt

And, worse yet, people
like you don’t break a sweat
unless you feel someone’s
trying to circumvent your rep


There’s a beauty
in our vagueness
This is the beauty
of the Matrix

This is truly how
we break it
You bully like this
was a slave ship

Don’t get upset
by my statements
I never really said
that you were racist

But, the way you talk
to me is colonizing
Not realizing that I’m
the one who’s
always equalizing

This the trouble
of your lying
This is the struggle
of our clients
Who always feel
lost in their crying
Who always feel lost
in their blindness

I know, we can
seize the day
even if it seems
like a ways away

People like you
love to act tough
But your intelligence
is made of fluff
So, what’s up…

I’m better than you
I can prove it
I’m loyal to my family
and loyal to my students

You pretend
your someone you’re not
I break it down
in case you forgot

Listen, Ima keep
speaking this vagueness
Your hatred’s entirely
based on the Matrix

My statements laid waste
to the playlist in Vegas
So superficial like you
who remains nameless

Let’s face it
you often annoy
cracking jokes like
you’re one of the boys

Just privileged
A gimmick
Wait, let me finish
people like you
ain’t about the business

I’ve witnessed
privilege all before
from high school
to college and now
across shores

Man, you better
listen to me, though,

Of course,
that means that
I can’t stay mad at you
People like you lack
divine vision my mind listens
to the people
a true leader, see
Go ahead, give me all
your energy, mon amie

I got the Spirit Bomb
the bomb spirit
hold the key to your
hopes and your dreams
so, you stop being mean
with the anger, for real
Why you angry…for real
Don’t you have everything

Man…be chill…

Chill…for a second, now listen
Chill…for a second, now listen

cause you never knew me
I’m the Chosen One
and you’re my
sweet brother Numsie

The Golden Child
I’m trying to save
with the students
I work with everyday…okay…

Yeah, now you really understand me…
Do you really understand me…

You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone…
Track Name: Cash Considerations

Another trash bag earned its wings

Another damn puppet too dumb to burn its strings

Spend money on things you don’t need
Then you Marie Kondo it all for your feed
But you’re out here buying clothes every week
You should look up “Fast Fashion” when you learn how to read
Bragging ‘bout mindfulness, living green—
What do you think happens with stuff made this cheap?
Listen up, clever girls and smart boys
Hold that mirror up to your face

Does it spark joy?


I analyze my image
in the privilege
and everything you say
is just dimwitted

And everything you claim
has been mimicked
You Soul Reapers feeling
hollow in the Ghost business

In a country where
there’s barely any holy
but sure got a lot of
Ghost, true story

You pseudo inventives
are just poodles, aggressive
Sipping 啤酒 (píjiǔ)
no lyrical blessings
so, here I go…

This the words to the story…
I’m sorry…I’m sorry…

Look, pops said
the “1st step is to jump in…”
So, I jump in
over destruction

If I could just swim
good enough to something
Then, I could hold on
every breath is lunging

something realer
Every little vision
of the past is a Thriller

That I’ve been chasing
for far too long
Time to move along
in this song…I’m gone…

Am I wrong
for making you mad
If you’re feeling froggy
we bring the drama
to your lily pad

Oh, you really mad
just like bullies
acting like they
cultured like those
wearing patchouli

this that new season
leave the stew streaming
California Dreaming
红茶 (Hóngchá) steeped in
leaves of those who dreaming
Natural cuisine
Yo, give me a reason

Look, when I was
a GamePro
like Scary Larry
I had a big crush
on Kari

But, now
I sip tequila
for Selena
and Aaliyah

No Katrina
The oil spills
from Louisiana
to cantinas

And it continues to bleed
And it continues to bleed

Like me…dopey…
Track Name: 2 Can Dine
The Payback
listen to
the audio
that plays that

Listen to
the audio
that plays back
all the memories
that I’ll take back

All the memories
that are luscious
Everything we need
can be rustic

Everything we need
Don’t you trust it
Everything you read
is comeuppance

Trust it
Touch it
My hear is here
Don’t you love it

What is peace
without justice
I’m not at peace
without justice

everything I say
is intense
everything I say
now represents
all of the dreams
that you professed

All of the dreams
that you professed
everything you said
in your conquest
I guess all your games
are a contest

And, I’m Dennis Rodman
New lessons…New blessings…
I’m not going to mention

How you used
to use me
and then said
you loved me
to fool me

Foolish me I
couldn’t be
what you had
wanted me to be

I’m clueless, see
couldn’t see
the forest for
the trees we leave

How could it be
Why can’t it be
For you and me
in unity

I truly be
what you will need
In Ensenada…
Diamonds Bleed…

Bleed me
Leave me
Bleed me
See me
She’s me
She’s me

loves company
Can’t you understand
luscious me

Don’t you
understand luxury
I understand if
it were up to me
you and I
would be something ‘G

I’ve lost my patience
because of statements
that they would
make so often taken

Out of line and
out of time
The canvas falls
no more disguise

are analyzed
by those who crossed
the battle lines

Pocket full of M&M’s
you cherry picked
Hard in the Heart
like the very pit

Containing cyanide…Johnny Appleseed, so, 2 Can Dine…

I want to remember your name…
I want to remember our games…
I want to remember your ways…
How the voice split lightening like blades…

Things have changed over time
But it’s all good for 2 Can Dine…yes, 2 Can Dine…

I was never given the
benefit of the doubt
even as a feminist about
equality ‘cause
first and foremost
I’m a Black Man
and, more or less,
we’re seen with criminal intent

So, I guess it’s easier
and less stress
to marry someone who’s
not the opposite

But it’s funny
as much as they criticize
my family would never
wanna see you cry

And neither would I
at this point in time
Peep the vernacular
spectacular a fool of a mind

I was wasting time
and I understand I know
If I knew what I knew
what I know now
5 years ago…I wouldn’t never let go…
Track Name: ELXR
You see I wish I could sing to you and dream this vision of us that is no longer held back by the absence of this substance. To develop strength in our bonds and to follow along in song would take us to wonderment towards the dawn. In a partnership where San Francisco and other cities are just Small Towns I wanna ask you: R U STILL DOWN??? R U STILL DOWN???

I said, in partnership…that’s a consonant or a vowel or an adjective or any kind of word you wanna make it pretend to be. ‘Cause you and me could live our dreams we are not tied down by any rules of grammar…we are the swagger! Arm and hammer with MC HAMMER pants!!! I want you just to save the last dance…just save the last dance. In our worldview, these “doctors” in their “lab coats” will never be allowed to malpractice with our blood. It’s all love…it’s all love…it’s all love? I told you it’s all love…. we’re all above anything, anything that we dream…we are the CREAM Team…the DREAM TEAM…


I do not bless many of enemies ‘cause they are never really kin to me. You are steadily aiming at my heart and I knew it even in the darkness as we drove through a snow-filled Shanghai I looked into your eyes and you told me:


And, I’ve been waiting in vain all along under the bright lights…the Pearl Tower under many a showers. I brought you flowers one day but I turned away at the gate ‘cause I didn’t want any Dr. Robotnik trying to sink my ship like Tails Prower or Sonic the Hedgehog (I was more of a Knuckles fan, all along). This all about you; it’s not too late for us to get along. A song in hand is worth two…two…dances…

Movie scenes
Diamond rings
Everything that I wish
is superficial in dreams

It’s always the same thing… It’s always the same thing…
It’s always the same thing…It’s always the same thing…

Now, take a look
I used to live in the
Land of the Red & Gold
So, let it go…
So, let it go…

It’s always the same thing… It’s always the same thing…
It’s always the same thing…It’s always the same thing…

International City
But many people
leave on 3-day weekends
What a pity…I’m just saying…

It’s always the same thing… It’s always the same thing…
It’s always the same thing…It’s always the same thing…

Now take a look…
Movie scenes and
Diamond rings
Everything that I wish
is superficial in dreams
Track Name: Out of the Crypt (4 ½)
You’ve Escaped the Jungle Altar
to find yourself now trapped
in the middle of the flames
that will attack how will react

As a matter of fact
you’ve always felt
as if now trapped
They tracked your scent
about a meter away
way back, way back,
way back in the day

And now the flames have claimed
your name and everything that
you have mumbled
The trouble of getting
drunk far away in the jungle

Now, you hear the rustle
now you staring as
they move like Lizard Cats
Fear is that feeling of losing
everything as the wizard chants
the wizard chants over the sermon…

They’re the type to lose
clothes, swerving
The sky dilutes to purple
in the middle of the dragon’s burning

Lady V gradually grabs your
neck, yo, she’s yearning
Dressed in African silks though
she ain’t African, she learning

Here in Asia,
Dr. Strangelove with his Low EQ
could never imagine the depths
of the souls ‘cause he see through

He see through but he knew
better than you to chase
demons into the indigo night
The people circle around what
they worship, the symbol is ripe
for the picking

So sickening, they hissing
your fear is golden
for the flames that toss
dirt on your name
now their mouths are moaning
and groaning

Un-Controlling they chains
react to the flames
An evil hue to a silly fool
like you who’s
lost in the daze…listen…

Lady V wants you
to come as you are
Head spinning seeing stars
Head in the clouds like Nimbus
all your wishes have now dissolved

If you had any clue
what they’ve been
doing here since September
you would’ve stayed far away
How’d you like to be remembered

This is the time you pray
to all your ancestors
but the only spirits
here are the demons with
the baggage so clever
right near your ear
as you fall to the ground
the only Quest for Glory
is the silent sleep so sound

On this side of town, you’re worried…

You cry a little inside
“Why even try to fight addiction any longer...”
Let your freak flag fly from

Lady V brings you the
jewels of the beast
How foolish of me
to not be you in this scene

But, see, out of body
experiences let me
see you through me
The analysis of paralysis
the spell cast in grief

Be reborn…Be reborn…
‘Cause you ain’t dead yet…
Listen…you ain’t dead yet…
Track Name: You'll Never Forget (Home)
Study the tapes there
is money to make, okay
Buddy, you fake, I am
pudgy with cake, okay

Dummies mistake
every word that I say, okay
Many will hate never
congratulate, okay

Muddiest lakes they
bathe and then shake, okay
They crawfish barely
have half a brain, okay

Study my tapes I
wanted the fame, okay
In high school, I was
mindful of pain, okay

In high school a
mind full of pain, okay
Could have you feeling
like life was a drain, okay

We mediate and deviate
from designed plans
until our eyes are reopened
by them divine hands

I try, man, to have
visions like the Mayans
but less civilized in
the era of tyrants

I still strive to live better…
I still strive to live better…

We so opposite
in documents
It’s hard to tell where
our topics switched
but with confidence
I give you this
like a chain
where a locket sits

Reminisce with me…Indigo Elephants…
You sent a picture of this
when I landed in August
but then disappeared
like the foggiest of memories
and now I search the stars
across the continents
just another lost soul
needing acknowledgement
without the politics, an optimist

Astrology got me
searching for you Capricorn
like Anthony Bourdain
Parts Unknown…

I had dinner the other day
where he ate in Shanghai
then I wondered what
you were doing with
a tear in my eye
because I knew I had
to let you go
but by letting you go
I loose a bit of my soul, though

And it’s like I let
these dream killers
and non-believers
get one over me and you
who are truly the dream weavers

But it’s all good, though,
because I won’t shatter
Because after all the
lights and screams nothing
but my dreams matter

Like Pac said…
my beliefs won’t budge
I will still give you
Unconditional Love

So, I’m coming home
and I don’t know what’s next
but I guess I’m the type
to always take regrets
and turn them into text which
I invent and invest into song
so the legacy of my family carries on

I’ve met many of
people afraid of legacy
partially because of the
unknown of the heavenly

It’s not fantasy when
I say my ancestors
told me in song
That, Clementine, it
was you all along
and I was wrong…

And there really
ain’t much more
left to say
As the Mandarin Sun Sets
on this day

I hope for your happiness
and a family of your own
All the ingredients
of a happy home

But, I still roam…alone…

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